Partners and Alliances

Partnerships with Strong, Established Companies

THC has a number of medicinal cannabis partnerships. It’s commercial partners are all revenue positive with solid IP portfolios and provide market access to 3 continents.

Our constantly growing list of Australian research partners comprises well-respected medical research institutions that display a proven track record of success.


Commercial Partnerships

Distribution Agreement with Endoca – EUROPE

  • A recognised leader in the supply of high quality CBD products worldwide.
  • European pioneers in extraction and purification, sales exceeding 50 million Euro per annum.
  • Focus on distributing world’s best medicinal cannabis products in Australia.
  • CBD oil, CBD capsules and a unique CBD+CBDA oil.

Strategic Partnership with Ascent Industries Corp – CANADA

  • A leading licensed producer in Canada –recently selected by medicinal cannabis giant Aurora to supply unique cannabis strains developed by Ascent
  • Exchange of cannabis strains to expand THC’s plant catalogue
  • Offtake agreement in place for THC to supply pharmaceutical grade CBD product to Ascent
  • Collaboration agreement to jointly develop CBD and THC medicines
  • Information exchange on medicinal cannabis markets in Australia, Canada & internationally
    (including cannabis extracts and their medicinal application)

Strategic Alliance with BOL Pharma – ISRAEL

  • One of Israel’s leading suppliers of medicinal cannabis solutions with an extensive portfolio of products targeted for specific clinical applications
  • Pioneering creation of medicinal cannabis industry in Israel since 2007
  • Partnership to develop Australian market through THC
  • Supplying products for Clinical Trials

Strategic Partnership with Sinapse and Pharma Programs –Australia

  • Sinapse has extensive experience working for, and with, global pharmaceutical companies
  • They offer broad experience and deep expertise in key areas such as strategy formulation, business transformation, systems selection and implementation
  • Pharma Programs works closely with doctors, pharmacists and industry to provide bespoke solutions to support optimal medication usage, adherence and ultimately health outcomes. Their solutions improve access to pharmaceutical treatments and programs for all stakeholders.
  • Together, Sinapse and Pharma Programs administer the Medicinal Cannabis Medicines Portal (MCMP)
  • The MCMP is a collaborative approach between Prescribers, Pharmacists and Suppliers to help patients get timely access to appropriate Medicinal Cannabis treatment.

Strategic Partnership with ANSPEC

  • For 25 years, Anspec has been a major supplier of medical and pharmaceutical products to the Pacific region and has maintained long close relations with Government and private health care centres, together with retail pharmacy clients.
  • Endoca products will be distributed in Australia by Anspec, which will offer accounts to participating pharmacies